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ENEJEAN company faith
Honesty is the requirement to serve the society under the condition of socialist market economy, is also the foundation of maintaining the rights and interests of consumers. intrinsic contract of and credit the faith are the foundation of market rules of the game, as well as the starting point and end-result of ENEJEAN survival and development. No credit have no market , no credit also have no the sustainable development of ENEJEAN.Honest
 enterprise can win staffs , the honest employees can win customers, the honesty will develop our company staff loyalty, improve enterprises popularity, the market reputation and social satisfaction. The honesty make our ENEJEAN to shoulder the given mission and responsibility.

We advocate tenet honesty is:quality first, service first, the credibility first
We perform the spirit of honesty is:unity, dedication, truth-seeking, hard work.
We advocate the concept of good faith is:quality of life-enterprise this; talent-development of enterprise of; innovation-vitality of the enterprise; the management-benefit Of the enterprise.