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Y1400FZQ skim machine series
  • Y1400FZQ skim machine series
  • Modellnummer : Y1400FZQ
  • Zertifizierung: CE,ISO9001
  • Konstruktion: stainless steel
  • Funktion: dry cleaning
  • Verwendet für: Hotel ,Hospital, Laundry,school
  • Verpackungsdetails: wooden packing
  • Lieferdetails : 7-25day
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      ENEJEAN Y1400FZQ fur degreasing machine is my company according to the actual needs of domestic and international numerous fur manufacturers, after years of thorough investigation and research, and absorb the international manufacturers of products such as Germany, Italy, the technical essence, from the user demand and international industry the latest technology development trends and research of high performance, high reliability of automatic, fully enclosed environmental protection and energy saving fur degreasing machines, the main characteristics of the machine are as follows.

    (1)Fully automatic, fully enclosed skim machine is used for all kinds of high-grade fur pedal fur degreasing process and the design and manufacture of nonfat dry cleaning equipment, suitable for all kinds of skin, mink, yellow Wolf skins, snake skin, ostrich skin, goose down skin and other skin and fur degreasing cleaning, after science careful washing, keep fur the soft, pure and fresh luster, etc, and has significant insecticidal, sterilization, remove fishiness, the function of level of fur.

    (2)This machine is suitable for solvent tetrachloroethylene, skim decontamination capability, low use cost. Use of tetrachloroethylene circulating spray washing, the cleaning effect of fur is more perfect, contractive, not buckling, do not fade, not easy to eat by moth.

    (3)Uses the advanced large screen programmable intelligent computer control system, reliable, stable performance, perfect functions, easy operation, the computer control system has a perennial failure-free operation record. Has good man-machine conversation interface, fault, the function and accurate display the various working status and solvent, temperature, and have a manual switch works automatically choose the optional function.

    (4)Have closed cryogenic refrigeration recycling system of environmental economy, the maximum condensate recovery of washing solvent, the solvent recovery quickly and thoroughly, significantly reduce the consumption of tetrachloroethylene solvent, reduce the cost. Condensation effect of solvent excellent stability, at the same time, ensure the safety of the equipment using environmental protection performance. With active carbon safe adsorption device, open the door automatically absorb smelly device, tetrachloroethylene and residual external emissions are much lower than similar products, effectively protect the operator's health and working environment, highlights the health, safety and environmental, economic and practical product design concept.

    (5)Perfect safety device, the machine is equipped with various safety protection automatic alarm device, three sets of pneumatic door lock device, work all locks in the locking state, unable to manually open, so as to effectively guarantee the safe and stable and reliable running the machine.

    (6)The large volume of double distillation system, the four sets of distillation condenser, significantly increase the speed of distillation, can work 24 hours a day running, solvent distillation will markedly enhance its capability of regeneration, especially for fur degreasing higher requirements of the solvent to distill a lot of fat, oil and solvent separation more quickly, thoroughly, effectively avoid the solvent tank a large amount of sludge impurities accumulated and clean up the difficult phenomenon, internal with automatic spray cleaning system, distilling into liquid automatic cleaning distillation walls dirt, Windows with self-cleaning nozzle, without having to remove the glass can be automatic cleaning, make the equipment working efficiency, and refueling auxiliary heating system, tetrachloroethylene recovery rate is higher.

    (7)Double oil-water separator, thorough separation, ensure fur no shrinking phenomenon, energy and environmental protection, USES the high quality stainless steel material, the inner add another Norwegian ship production dedicated special anticorrosive processing layer, double layer protection, long service life.

    (8)The whole machine, solvent pump as the main motor and fan motor, refrigeration recycling system, inverter, bearings, shaft seal key components and low voltage electrical appliances all use well known brands at home and abroad, so as to effectively guarantee the reliability of the whole machine working performance, the first run low failure for a long time.




Washing capacity



The rotor cage volume



Washing speed



Uniform /Medium /High speed


55 /108 /360

Solvent box 1 / 2 / 3 effective volume


660 / 725 / 670

Distillation box 1 /  2 effective volume


1220 / 650

Distillation box 3 effective volume



The power supply



Assembly capacitance



/ Power of motor / fan / Liquid pump


18.5 / 1.5×2 / 1.1

Refrigeration compressor



External steam / water pressure


0.4-0.6 / 0.2-0.4

The external pressure of compressed air



Steam consumption



Steam inlet / Water inlet



The compressed air inlet



Overall dimensions(L×D×H)



The weight



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